As we continue giving our customers better services,Silverlands  are now serve  closely in Kagera Region, District of  Bukoba Rural, Karagwe, Muleba, Ngara, biharamulo, and Missenyi .

Our marketing team has been able to mobilize and prepare sensitization meetings in those districts in collaboration with the Kagera district development officers and  villages officers including Maruku, Kayanga, Ihanda, Ruhanga .

We have also conducted radio broadcasts in the Region to create more wareness for those who wont be able to attend our meetings.

Kagera residents are delighted to receive services from Silverlands more closely.

 Silverlands have appointed our representatives that will be helping our customers tackling their challenges on Poultry Keeping in Kagera.

 Silverlands, lets raise chicken together.

Chakula Bora, Vifaranga Bora.

30th JULY 2021

In ensuring we reach more poultry farmers, by providing education on products and services from Silverlands Tanzania. The Marketing and Sales team from Dar Es Salaam was able to conduct an interview from Radio Tumaini in Tabata Sub-district, Dar Es Salaam. The marketing team was accompanied by Mr Francis Simon, a 6-year-old breeder and has achieved success through raising Sasso poultry as a business. The pastoralist testified how the sasso chickens were able to give him success, he has opened a section to sell Sasso Choma. This is certainly a great achievement from our pastoralists.

Sasso the scepter of Poverty.


Dar es salaam international trade fair held

June 28 to July 13. It is a platform where we have been able to advertise our products and  services.


In our Pavilion we were visited by poultry farmers from within and outside our country including farmers from Comoros, Rwanda and Kenya.


Breeders had the opportunity to learn about the availability of our products including the best chicks and the best chicken feed. They have also gained knowledge on how to raise better poultry training through Makota, Iringa Training College, through poultry training, students will gain knowledge on best practices in poultry farming, biodiversity protection and general supervision of livestock.

In ensuring Silverlands Team support the community, Tanager prepared Staff Training for Nutrition and Women Empowerment that held in Njombe, where it supports Silverlands marketing team through APMI Project to integrate Gender and Nutrition messages that Marketeers use in engaging the households interact and to enhance women's active participation in poultry production especially sasso chicken and promote consumption of Chicken and eggs.


The main objectives of the training are helping team to emphasize on the importance of hygiene related to poultry raising in households, increase chicken and eggs consumption among members of households, use income from sasso chicken sales to buy households needs, importance of men support for women’s participation and decision making in poultry production as well as techniques to ensure they deliver the intended messages to society during a sensitization meeting.


JUNE 2021

Our Sales and Marketing team in Njombe visited Uplands radio for a continuation of our products and services. During the radio program we were accompanied by Silverlands poultry farmers who testified about the success through poultry farming from Silverlands. Mr Brysone Mwani and Rehema Msofe have been able to supplement their income and improve their families' nutrition by eating chicken and eggs and increasing their income through poultry farming. They also talked about the importance of attending training in Silverlands and told them how their thinking has changed with raising chickens commercially. In addition, Ms. Rehema has been contributing to the payment of their children's fees to support her husband, and Mr. Algae has been able to renovate his house and buy a farm. He has big goals More through poultry farming like buying a car etc.

JUNE 2021


The final look on Singida Sales Point,

 It is located at Kibaoni - Mwanza Road in town of Singida,

This is one of Silverlands new Distribution center in Central Zone


                             APRIL 2021

In ensuring we deliver the best service to our customers and giving the knowledge on the best poultry farming, Silverlands Marketing Team and Mtwara Sales Manager have done Radio station visit to advertise our products and service , as well as giving education to our farmers.

Helping our customers to identify where they can get our authenticity products in Mtwara and nearby areas.

During radio interview we have managed to inform customers on good chicks and good feeds produced by Silverlands, Education on poultry management given by Silverlands through our Poultry Training, as well as Silverlands Diagnosis Lab for veterinary diagnostics.

Through phone calls and sms received from radio listeners, we have been able to answer their challenges.

Our radio adverts covered Mtwara and its districts including Masasi, Tandahimba and Tunduru


    MARCH 2021

Seminar and Sensitization meetings help to reach poultry keepers and solve their challenges on Poultry.


These meetings are targeted to both poultry keepers and non-poultry keepers,

 Many Small holder farmers are benefits from the sensitization meetings and got answers from their unanswered questions about poultry keeping.

In helping these farmers, we provide education on good management skills, Poultry keeping for commercial purpose, also to improve household income and nutrition by eating chicken meat and eggs.

We also give them mathematical algorithm to begin with small capital and later to own large flock size.


Seminar and Sensitization meetings that held in Dodoma helped to create more awareness to our customers on products and services we provide.

Silverlands provide training courses on poultry at our Poultry Training Center (PTC) at affordable price, and Modern equipped Diagnosis Laboratory Service (SDL)


                                     February 2021

     Silverlands Marketing Team conducted seminars in early February throughout Tanzania’s Lake Zone, raising awareness on the nutritional and financial potential of SASSO Chicken. Seminars were held in over 10 districts across Mwanza, Geita and Shinyanga Regions.  Silverlands strives to teach rural communities, focusing on women, about the opportunities involved in keeping SASSO.

     SASSO is a highly efficient dual-purpose bird that can be raised for both meat and eggs with the resilience and adaptability characteristic of a local chicken. Through the APMI program, Silverlands has a mobilized Field Team working directly with rural communities to support accessibility channels into these environments.


January 23rd 2021

      The official launch of the Iringa Region Investment Guide took place at the Mkwawa University ground, launched by Hon. Kassim Majaliwa Majaliwa, the Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania. The event presented available investment opportunities at regional and district levels to demonstrate the vision of Iringa Region. The launch assembled investors from Iringa, in which Silverlands Tanzania represented.


      The event began with an investment forum and discussion, led by Minister of Investment, President Office Hon. Prof. Mkumbo Kitila, alongside an official launch, led by the Prime Minister. Following the launch was an exhibition showcasing a variety of commodities, services, and products made available by investment in Iringa Region.


      Silverlands displayed the quality poultry feed and day-old-chicks, produced in Iringa, but available throughout the country. Silverlands also demonstrated the training facilities and diagnostic capabilities through the Poultry Training Centre and Silverlands Diagnosis Laboratory respectively. The Silverlands exhibition booth offered grilled SASSO, giving exhibitors the opportunity to taste of our chicken and discuss the nutritional value of SASSO.

January 22rd 2021

     Silverlands Tanzania had the opportunity to welcome to Makota Farm the British High Commissioner Hon. David Concar, accompanied by Iringa District Commissioner, Richard Kasesela. This opportunity allowed Silverlands to show our distinguished guests the paths made available to keeping poultry, the value of education in raising poultry, and the ways rural communities can benefit from poultry.


     The Hon. David Concar shared on Twitter, “Impressed with Silverlands Tanzania especially their outreach and training program, which is transforming the lives of women in rural communities by enabling them to rear high-grade chickens and sell them at a decent profit.”


Good News from Kenya

WPF and BMGF Visit Mother Units and SHF in Morogoro

Silverlands Team led by National Marketing Manager, Mwanamvua Ngocho in a group photo with the visitors from World Poultry Foundation,and  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation together with the one of the Mother Unit and Small Holder Farmers under APMI Project in Morogoro.

WPF and BMGF had time  to visit Small Holder Farmers to see the improvement of  household nutrition by increase productivity and production of meat and eggs.

They anticipate that a portion of the output would be consumed  by the families, particularly children.

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