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What do we do?

Silverlands was established in 2013 to service Tanzania's growing demand for quality poultry products. Silverlands growth is a testament to the demand for quality products at a reasonable price. The company is focused on producing quality chicks and feed for the local farmer to ensure their success. Silverlands produces a range of breeds suitable for different sectors of the poultry market. This allows users to select the bird that best meets the needs of their market. All Silverlands chickens are selected for a balanced range of characteristics in both broilers and layer birds. This approach, together with good management, ensures that the birds can perform to the highest standards in a wide variety of environments. 


Silverlands is proudly Tanzanian. Silverlands are socially responsible to the communities we operate in and will be Tanzania's preferred choice of all poultry inputs. 


At Silverlands we pride ourselves in producing the highest quality products at the best price possible for the local farmers.


Attention to detail is extremely important and we have the facilities to produce the quality we believe is more than adequate for the local and international market.  

Raw Materials

As Silverlands Tanzania is a registered warehouse with the Warehouse Receipts Board, the maize received by Silverlands must meet the East African Community maize standards in order to be accepted.  Basically, the main test is moisture which has to be below 13.0%.  All maize and soybeans received are analyzed by the STL Laboratory via NIR to check the nutrients.

All farmers wishing to supply Silverlands Tanzania, please contact the Procurement Manager at Silverlands Tanzania


Poultry Training Centre


SilverStreet Capital



Our Partners






World Poultry Foundation

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