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About Us

Silverlands Tanzania commenced with day-old-chick and poultry feed production in 2014 to supply commercial and small-scale chicken farmers in Tanzania.

Our head office, production facilities and training centre are situated at Makota Farm, Ihemi Village in the Iringa region.

At the beginning of 2017, a new infrastructure for feed production and raw material storage was commissioned. The new fully computerised feed mill can produce 40 metric tonnes of quality chicken feed per hour. Together with the increased storage capacity of 32 000 metric tonnes, we now operate one of the largest feed production plants in Eastern Africa. The new plant has led to feeding quality improvement as well as improved efficiencies, allowing us to cater to our fast-growing customer base.

We are the only company in Tanzania that produces three different day-old-chick varieties for the commercial market in Tanzania. The Silverlands Broiler and Layer breeder stocks are imported from internationally recognized breeder supply companies to ensure that farmers receive day-old chicks with the latest genetics that will produce maximum results. We have secured the exclusive rights for the distribution, in Tanzania, of the SASSO bird, a dual-purpose, slower maturing chicken.

With the distribution of SASSO day-old chicks, we will provide improved genetics to the small-scale rural farmer together with technical assistance and training, and offer them access to markets that may not have been possible before. This initiative will increase poultry production and productivity, increase rural household income, improve household nutrition and empower women.

Our distribution centre footprint is steadily increasing and you can find us now throughout Tanzania. Through this retail platform, we distribute our acclaimed feed and top-quality day-old chicks to our ever-increasing customer base.

As we believe in long-term relationships with our customers, we established the Silverlands Poultry Training Centre in 2016, on our premises at Makota Farm. The objective of the training courses offered is to provide attendees with the knowledge to successfully manage a poultry unit.

We are passionate about what we do; our customers, people and the environment.

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