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Layer feed

Modern layer birds have been genetically developed for a reduced age at reproductive maturity, increased feed conversion rate, and a resultant increased egg production.

Although the objective for an egg farmer is to get the birds to consistently lay more eggs, the development stages of the bird are equally important. It is therefore vital that the total management of the bird is up to standard from day one. Of this total management, feed is the most critical, as feed costs account for at least 65% to 70% of all costs of rearing layer birds.

Layer feeds produced by us are superior feeds to properly nourish the bird at all stages of its growth.

Our layer feed programme comes in the following four stages for layer pullets:

  • Silverlands Broiler Starter Crumble – 0 to 13 day

  • Silverlands Layer Starter Mash – 14 to 42 days

  • Silverlands Grower Mash – 43 to 126 days

  • Silverlands Complete Layer Mash – 127 days to sale

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