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In collaboration with CRESD, Silverlands Poultry Training Centre (PTC) has been proud to support ten groups of young mothers from the Morogoro region in the Mvomero and Gairo districts. With 180 young mothers, 30 champs were chosen to lead the groups, we're able to make a difference by training the remaining.

These young mothers were trained in proper poultry management (Sasso Brooding course) at Silverlands Poultry Training Centre, which has been a life-changing experience for them.

The first batch of chicks, feeds, and vaccinations were funded by CRESD, and the young mothers were able to successfully raise and sell the chickens after two months with the help of Ms. Naomi, the sales/technical executive from Silverlands Morogoro. They used the profits to fund the second batch by purchasing chicks and feeds for the groups.

This empowering initiative has given hope and dignity to many women who rely on others to care for their children and challenges the negative societal attitudes towards young mothers in Tanzania. The poultry business has provided a sustainable source of income for young mothers and an opportunity to learn valuable skills that can benefit them and their families in the long term.

Also, their performance has been a motivation to CRESD to keep supporting the group of youth and 30 more youth have been recently brought to PTC for poultry training.

We are here to help you overcome those challenges with our comprehensive training programs and support services. Join us today and let's grow together!



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