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Growing up as Tanzanians, we have been told to avoid eating broilers due to them being exposed to medication and boosters in their rearing. Mrs. Cas Kuplen from Arusha, and her unique method of rearing broilers, proves that this does not need to be the case. She is fast becoming a lead poultry farmer due to her innovation and ‘thinking out of the box’ methods. She has designed an enclosure for not only broilers, but also Sasso, that also enables them to grow in a free-range environment. This is called the tractor enclosure.

The chickens are able to feed on grass, insects and some additional Silverlands feed spread in the enclosure, to ensure they receive all the nourishment they need. The enclosure, due to being so light, is picked up and slowly moved twice daily. Water fonts with fresh water are also placed in the enclosure. It also provides shade, shelter from bad weather and protection against predators.

This method has resulted in chickens having a friendlier and happier environment to grow in, healthier birds overall and has saved Mrs. Kuplen in her costs. The land the chickens are kept, also becomes more fertile due to the manure naturally being spread.

She says her birds only have one bad day and that is slaughter day.



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