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While the livestock industry is growing, we make sure our poultry farmers grow by providing them with the best technical knowledge in poultry keeping. The training they receive at our poultry training centre keeps them a step ahead of their competitors in the poultry business.

Silverlands Poultry Training Center produces the best poultry farmers in the country. We are very proud of the impact they are having and the dedication and commitment they have shown in the last 6 years.

Mosses Kuppa a winner of best poultry farmer in the southern zone says he the training centre taught him how to keep his costs low and how to get the best production possible in his environment. He has had very little disease challenges on his farm, and using the feeding regime he was taught, his feed costs are low. His chickens are also reaching good body weights and low mortality rate. He gives all credit to the training centre. We however know that it is all about teamwork and he practiced what he was taught to be able to achieve the success he has achieved.

Lilian also known as Mama Kuku won a Trophy for best poultry farmer in the northern zone. She had been the best example to many small holder farmers, as she kept educating them on the practices she learned, and she is saying she would not have gotten all the success without attending training at the Silverlands Poultry Training Centre.

Our students are our family, let’s win together.



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