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Silverlands Tanzania Limited has been honored to be one of the sponsors of the KUKU CHOMA CARNIVAL event held in Dar es Salaam that was prepared by the Tanzania Meat Board in collaboration with Guru Planet. The reason for this event was to create awareness of the importance of eating meat, especially chicken, and eggs, as they are excellent sources of protein.

As mentioned in the Daily News newspaper of 16/05/2022

Considering the importance of health and nutrition for families, SASSO is the best choice of chicken. SASSO growth does not depend on growth boosters and has more meat with a unique and delicious taste. Our customers were very happy with the cooked chicken sold at the event. Potential poultry farmers were impressed with the SASSO and admitted to the bird being an excellent choice.

We have so many testimonies from different farmers, the youth, and women who have begun their own businesses with SASSO rearing proving the potential success that can be achieved. The lives of many have been changed by growing SASSO.

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